Rishab’s Apartment
  • Project Name: 3 BHK Interiors
  • Client: Rishab
  • Location: Brigade Panaroma, Bengaluru

Rishab’s Apartment

Project Overview

Design Your Nest is thrilled to showcase the transformation of Rishab’s 1650 Sq ft 3BHK apartment at Brigade Panaroma, with interiors completed in just 53 days. Our expert team meticulously designed every aspect of the living space, crafting a modern and inviting atmosphere that perfectly suits Rishab’s taste and lifestyle. The result is a stunning home that exudes sophistication and style, with every detail carefully considered to maximize space and functionality. Discover the magic of Design Your Nest and let us create a living space that is tailored to your unique needs and desires.

Days to complete
Sq. Ft. Carpet area