Namoona Naik’s Apartment
  • Project Name: 2 BHK Interiors
  • Client: Namoona Naik
  • Location: Purva Sunshine, Bengaluru

Namoona Naik’s Apartment

Project Overview

Design Your Nest proudly presents the stunning transformation of Namoona Naik’s 2 BHK apartment at Purva Sunshine Bengaluru. Our team completed the interior design of this 1400 sq. ft. apartment in just 49 days, creating a modern and functional living space perfectly suited to Namoona’s lifestyle. The end result is a home that exudes warmth and style, with every detail carefully considered to maximize space and functionality. Experience the magic of Design Your Nest and let us create a home that perfectly reflects your unique personality and taste.

Days to complete
Sq. Ft. Carpet area